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Be an Earth Day Activist!

earthday20091Earth Day 2009 is April 22, which means we all still have time to rise to the occasion. If your inner-environmentalist is feeling the pressure, don’t worry; no one expects you to launch a global campaign on behalf of green colleges or anything…. that part has already been done for you!

The Earth Day Network’s Earth Day on Campus program is introducing a new Green Generation Campaign, beginning on the 22nd. The Campaign will tackle tough energy issues, pushing for renewable energy sources to replace coal. They encourage students to join the cause by registering their college and joining thousands of other activists in demanding changes to current energy legislation.

As if you needed another reason to get involved, this is a great opportunity to stake your claim amidst the most environmentally-conscious generation to date.  Act now! Dare I say, time is running out….


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A Great Green Read!

making-a-difference1Every eco-conscious student should check out Miriam Weinstein’s 10th Edition of Making a Difference Colleges: Distinctive Colleges to Make a Better World.

In it, she ranks colleges and universities on their “greenness,” using over 10 criteria to determine which institutions are the most environmental responsible. In her assessment, she considers details like school missions, make-a-difference majors, vegetarian meals, eco-dorms, and organic gardens. 

Currently, some of the top ranked schools are the Audubon Expedition Institute, Hampshire College, Juniata College, Oberlin College and Sarah Lawrence College.

Find out if you make the list…or how you can!

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Looking Eco-Chic…

fashion_college3I know, school is not a fashion show.

Of course, we are here to learn.

And yet, as far as I’m concerned, beauty essentials are as crucial as text books in college.

When purchasing make-up and related products these days, it’s hard not to think ‘natural.’ The cosmetic market is trying to capitalize on the Green Trend by featuring ‘organic’ products. They boast natural ingredients like minerals and plant extracts to appeal to the nature goddess in every woman.

This is a great thing, in some ways, because it means that there is a consumer demand for eco-friendly options.  It becomes a bad thing when brands get so eager to jump on the bandwagon that they ignore important details, like actually being green. Weird…

organicwearMost of the appeal is in the packaging, and this is also the downfall of many brands. Physician’s Formula has a line of Mineral Wear cosmetics that is natural and gentle on the skin…BUT it comes in synthetic plastic packaging. They make up for this a little with their Organic Wear line that features 100% certified organic ingredients in eco-conscious packaging that uses 93% less plastic than traditional compacts.

If you really want to go au-natural (which is the best option for your body) make sure that your cosmetics are free from chemicals, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, and genetically modified organisms. Also read up on the content of the packaging to make sure the product is staying true to its environmental claims.   

burts-beesMy top pick for natural beauty product is most certainly Burt’s Bees, a veteran of eco-cosmetics. Their wide line of personal care products are all natural and come in recycled and biodegradable packaging. They also have goals within the company to be operating on 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Way to go Burt, you certainly have my business!

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